Fondue Leisurely dining in good company

The room is cosy and warm, you're surrounded by your loved ones and looking forward to a delicious fondue. Of course, the right recipes for sauces, broth, etc. are important here, but so is the right equipment for the fondue. There is a wide selection of fondue sets: classic sets without the frills, practical carousels, fondues made of aluminium and stainless steel or collectors' fondues made of cast iron – also made of china, of course, for chocolate fondues. We'd like to present our favourites.

Our guests and, of course, we ourselves want to feel good when we're sat at the table together, whether it's for a cosy fondue, a hearty Oktoberfest, a celebration or just for dinner. A beautifully laid table is inspiring and delights our senses. I'm proud that we are able to create a great ambience with our stylish dining solutions.Markus Liebentritt, Representative - Key Account Manager