A history of good taste


  • 1877     
    Elisabeth and Josef Mäser found the company and begin trading hay tools in Vorarlberg (A) and the neighbouring Allgäu. (D)
  • 1891     
    The business property in the centre of Dornbirn (A) is purchased.
  • 1902     
    Construction and commissioning of the first Vorarlberg artistic ceramics
  • 1957     
    Foundation of an import branch in Lindau and expansion into the entire Austrian market through a branch in Vienna.
  • 1963     
    Construction of the wholesale business at today's main location in Dornbirn, development in the following years incl. new glass and china finishing
  • 1992     
    The first products of successful own-brand development
  • 1993     
    Opening of the new logistics centre in Dornbirn
  • 1995     
    With the accession to the EU, beginning of the expansion into Germany, participation in Messe Frankfurt for the first time
  • 1999     
    Introduction of another high-quality own brand – VERSO Design
  • 2006     
    Foundation of Maeser Group ASIA Ltd. with its own office and showroom in Hong Kong
  • 2008     
    Introduction of the own brand DOMESTIC PROFESSIONAL® – for professional gastronomy
  • 2010     
    Complete takeover of the branch in the Czech Republic as part of the Mäser Group – foundation of the company Mäser, spol.s.r.o. in Liberec (CZ)
  • 2013     
    Introduction of another own brand for saucepans and frying pans – DOMESTIC TOP Selection® and TELESTO®
  • 2014     
    Opening of an own office and a showroom in Beiliu (China)
  • 2015     
    Introduction of another own brand for special coatings for saucepans and frying pans – GRANITAN®
  • 2016     
    Introduction of the own brands BBQ-HOT® and BBQ-ELEGANT®
  • 2018      
    Brand Relaunch: all own brands are bundled into just one brand Mäser

Some selected distinctions:  

  • Austrian Coat of Arms
  • The Golden Scales
  • Basic Design of BierConvent International
  • Supplier of the Year for Bacardi Austria (several times)
  • Job Oskar
  • Ökoprofit (since 2006) – environmental management system
  • Excellent Apprenticeship Company (several times)
  • BSCI (since 2011)